Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Don't Look Up (Remake) Movie Review

   ''Don't Look Up''

OK for all you out there who love blood, guts, and gore, this is the film for you!..
But unfortunately, "Don't Look Up" shows promise only moments before falling flat on its face!

  The latest effort from Fruit Chan, the guy behind the great movie "Dumplings" At first you go along with it hoping for the best, But in the end, its was just a a waste of time.
The tittle of the movie had nothing to do with the plot they should have called it

''Gypsy Curse'' or something like that.
So back to the storyline this gypsy lady made a pact with the gypsy devil to find her a rich man, but in exchange she has to give him her first born (who is a girl.. funny that!) so she can give birth to hes devil spawn.

Then a 1920s movie director struggling valiantly to maintain he's Romanian accent He’s attempting to film an adaptation of the afore mentioned gypsy legend, but his lead actress vanishes and the unfinished film is never screened or found.  

Fast forward to Present day the storyline centers on a young horror film director's sensitivity to paranormal visions which sends him on a spiraling descent into madness that threatens his life and that of his crew,

On location in the decrepit, abandoned former Transylvania Film Studios, the characters of the medieval Romanian folk tale he is attempting to adapt to film appear to come to life, opening a portal in which horrifying deeds from the past begin to recur. Or is it all in the young director's mind?
Before long the entire decrepit movie set is belabored by all manner of ghostly, murderous activity. Blood drips randomly from the ceiling, there is a vomit-inducing smells, someone what crazy with the overlapping camera in FX's, and swarms of flying bugs eat out the eyeballs of some of the cast and crew (nice!) 

Not to mention the random neck growth this guy has in the beginning of the movie which comes into play later. But this movie doesn’t make sense at all it's so confusing.

(Here's the trailer enjoy...)


  1. Other than the hot lead actor, terrible, terrible build up and NO result, DISSAPOINTING!