Monday, 16 August 2010

RoboGeisha (ロボゲイシャ) B-movie Review



RoboGeisha (ロボ ゲイシャ) is a Japanese Action B-Movie directed by Noboru Lguchi

 As soon as I saw this trailer for ''RoboGeisha'' I just new I had to buy this movie and when you see the trailer too you'll see why. 

So the story go's like this, there are two sisters, ones a geisha, the other the attendant, get invited to perform at a dinner for a Wealthy business man and end up being recruited into his army of highly-trained female killers masquerading as more then just geisha's.


Oh F.Y.I there's a few cybernetic upgrades on the way as well, that are just plain funny.

I thoroughly enjoyed ''RoboGeisha'' both for it’s super colorful over the top anime-like visual style, and over camp action that will take this movie to a whole new level.


It’s definitely a film I would watch with friends and not just alone in your living room.
If you liked ''Machine Girl'' then you'll love ''RoboGeisha'' has to be a close second, I really do love these films and hope you take the time to check out ''RoboGeisha'' believe me You won’t be sorry. 

(Here's the trailer hope you enjoy..)

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  1. Such a funny and over the top piece of asian cinema, beyond terrible and beyond hilarious!