Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Start Of Showgirls Sunday!

''Thanks Darlin''

 So now i'm Introducing ''Showgirls Sunday'' for the best Showgirls movie quotes, pictures and clips you've ever seen and its only here and only on sundays so stay tuned Darlin'...

So the story go's like this Nomi Malone is a fiercely independent young woman who comes to Las Vegas running from a troubled past. Looking for a break on the Las Vegas Strip, she lands a job as an erotic dancer at the Cheetah Club. But to make ends meet, she also works as a lap dancer in the club's back room.

Possessed of a raw and riveting dancing talent, Nomi is soon introduced to the vastly different world of the big Las Vegas shows--and the powerful men and women who run them. Zack, the handsome and ambitious entertainment director at the Stardust, could push Nomi into the spotlight.
Nomi Malone lovin her Pole
 Cristal, the glamorous star of the stage show Goddess, is inexorably drawn to Nomi's beauty and spirit and may make her... or break her. As the complex bonds of passion, jealousy and love form between them, Nomi is pulled deeper into the world she so desperately desires...

I have a fondness for Showgirls. because I can see it for what it really is ''A Camp Classic'', I mean It's one of those movies you love to hate where everything is bad, but in a good way. There's so much trainwreckery that it's not just a bad movie, it's a scorching hot mess! With camp one liners and over the top acting, you just cannot take your eyes from the screen.

I rememeber The first time I saw this movie, I was 16 years old (under age, I know) and it was a typical sunday night and there was no one else home. I was bored out of my mind and I turned on the TV, started to channel flick as you do and then, there it was ''Showgirls''.
Nomi Malone & Cristal Connors talking shop!
 I sat there the whole time thinking to myself that I have never seen so much over the top acting and storyline in my life. It was like a American soap opera but with alots of boobies and strippers, and of course the bitchy one liners are just awesome, the dialogue has to be heard to be believed. You could quote this movie for a week and still not run out of tacky things to say.

A lot of the back stabbing doesn't happen till about the hour and half point, most of the time your wondering what Nami's problem is, what was in her stolen suitcase and why was Tony Moss so Interested in her? So many questions that needed answers, but thats why I love this movie.
''See Darlin', you are a whore.... Bitch''
 Whenever I feel down I just pop my Showgirls DVD in and have a good old laugh. I think i've seen Showgirls over 100 times, I know it word for word and the more I watch it the better it gets.

This may not be a master piece, to be honest it's far from it, but this show just how great some bad movies can be the most pleasurable experience.
Unfortunately for Berkley, her career was never the same... dear oh dear.

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