Thursday, 19 August 2010

Natalia Kills Up And Coming Artist (One To Look Out For)

   ''I'm in love with a zombie
Can't keep it's hands off me
I think he's looking at me
But he's looking right through me

You think you're so cool boy
Blood rushing through my veins now
Do you want me for my body
Do you want me for my brain'' 


''Natalia Kills''

Before taking on the name of 'Kills', Natalia was known as a variety of other aliases (Verbalicious, Verbz), and was a much more urban artist. 

Zombie was the first song released in her now signature dark pop form and, as such, was a complete turn around from her previous style. The song deals with the theme of unreturned love.

(Natalia Kills Music Video For ''Zombie'')
Natalia then came up with a stage name of Natalia Kills. She described her sound as "darker sounding pop music". Kills' first music video as Natalia Kills, entitled "Zombie" was unveiled on 29 October 2009 on the official Cherrytree Records website (The same record label as Lady GaGa).

It is a promo single for her upcoming debut album, ''Perfectionist'', which will be released by Cherrytree Records in September 2010. Kills has also produced and co-directed a mini-series called Love Kills xx, (which you can watch all parts on the link below)

She describes ''Perfectionist'' as a concept album, writing all her own lyrics and working with producers Jeff Bhasker, Fernando Garibay, and Akon among others.

I think Natalia Kills is gonna be big with songs like ''Zombie'' & ''Activate My Heart'' all ready under her belt,

the first time I heard Ms. Kills and I loved the tracks, dark and moody with a little Eletro just for good measure and now ''Mirrors'' which is also very good...I need this album and so will you...

 (Natalia Kills Video For ''Activate My Heart'')

(Natalia Kills Video For ''Mirrors'')

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  1. It's funny you should blog this cause I actually know this girl (not in the sense of us being friends or anything cause I doubt she remembers me, but she is friends with a friend of mine and we were out together one night where she took an epic tumble and i've never been able to forget was special. haha) i gotta say, I didn't really like her as Verbz and I'm not impressed with her as Kills (though I am intrigued that she's essentially using her real name this time around). Not to say she's shit or anything of that nature she just doesn't appeal to me. The video was nicely done though - absolutely love the way it's stylised and the wonderful play on words and imagery both subtle and blatant with the "do you want me for my body, do you want me for my brain" segment. I'm sure it doesn't need explaining but I just have to mention it as it was nicely done. Not only does it play along the lines of the brain eating zombies of the good old horror days but it slinks into the territory of slang terminology for oral sex! The image 'skipping' the way it did demonstrated a gesture/movement you would associate with oral and just to make it super obvious the word 'HEAD' was actually thrown in. Fucking brilliant! It's about damn time people admit that they like to take a trip or two down town.

    All that aside, I do wish her luck! Hopefully she finally makes it.

  2. I totally agree with your views Jackzulu, thanks for commenting!